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vlvelvet x stephanie poiraud

(via oooooverdrive)


the well you keep is deep
but it is there for you to drink

veiled deep and dark until
it strikes the light
in the back of our throats, a knowing,
A gifted Truth on its knees

which rapturously swallows whole
stars and suns, weaves around us
a forgotten story
of our effulgence

Scrawled on gauze and
specked with tears
of skin
wistfully peering inside windows

 your hastily assembled words:
I’m so sorry.

the bucket sways slightly.

say it into the well I beg this
surely you know
how deeply you thirst it, as
it does for you

Our heart’s pull
endures this weight so

to hold, to release
to say, to itself, infinitely

  I forgive
 I forgive
I forgive



David Hamilton, 1969 qoax:

Botticelli - flower detail

Lily Shadow

starting  fires
is my no-good way to plead
a Missing of a   gentle 
lovely Lily who fell

blown unfairly into the
dark corners of a hospital bed
scratching,  clawing
herself,   under the sheets

we don’t know why
we don’t know why

but things I know
lurk inside walls that collect our suffering,
slither-bodies slide through suckling
on our life-breath like a lollipop,
soul parasitic

the hour she died, my Aunt dozing
It had burrowed in feeble and

feasted. Darker than the void, she awoke
with it crouched  on her chest. I
cannot reconcile
such convulsed aberrations as these.

Grey is this color I breathe
here, tree bark massaged
bone-cold and   
without measure. Here

hurricane winds   tear the songbirds

off of   telephone lines

TheOutsider by benjaminedmiston on Flickr. untitled by 川貝母 Inca Pan on Flickr. miel by patricia tewel on Flickr. untitled by caro gaedechens on Flickr.

White Plains

Solitary on familiar road
every treetop
melting golden in the hour and

the curve of the road is gentle,
like my lips and your hips were

raked hands through my hair recalling,
knowing a past as dead as
these lively dancing leaves

"is it wicked not to care?"
went the lyrics we once drove to

no, says the heart
because I set it free

no, say the lungs
since I’ve taught myself
to breath

not at all


Walter Dahn
IMG_002165 by mgubia on Flickr.