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(via Pin by Cheridan Chard on Cheridan Chard | Pinterest)/ Beach - Sara Sisun

Why did I hide in here
Miles away from home

The parts of you given, blurred
words on weighted shadow

Other times I hold you
before me
able to love the little I have

knowing silence your invitation back
to every year’s blues

The Uncoupling



May 14th Fires Parker Woods
I like fans’ sound at night. Do you? It’s like somebody big far away goes like: it’sOKit’sOKit’sOKit’sOK, over and over. From very far away.

david foster wallace (via

This life that I live right now is so small, yet
So big inside the heart of you.


(by chrisfriel)/ chrisfriel chefharumi:

DSCN3684 (by jkinslowe)/ jkinslowe

The floorboards creak, the moon
is on the wrong side of this house

holes remain unrepaired
in the walls

This house wants to collapse
the rooftop whispers exhaustion

It still holds the morning bird’s song
window agape, arthritis in its jaws

I think of the child who slept here before me
and the schools
all shot up like tin cans this year
and the last

and the answer for tragedy
duck under your desk

I remember this battle I face
and all the others

and my relocation, like putting the moon in a cage
with no food and watching it wane

but the moon it grows full again, and
there are no sidewalks here, just trails

And we drive looking through windows
at people suspended in air.

Beyond are mountains and oceans
and the Universe

I always find the key, hollow-heeled
A star turn the deadbolt after dark

I have walked on the dark earth
opened a door to a place without walls

Here in quiet ways singing, drumming
The Frog Song, The Bald Eagle Stance,
Wild Goose Dance

Hello again house,
hello floppy dog, snoring slow

and deer walking quiet on the soft wet earth.

The Dark Earth

Was it me in the one dream
Harpooned and
Treading water
underneath Forever Sky

No footing, just floating, kicking

So much space, the sun between
blinks all wrong, bent, distorted

was that all
from mine

Something Once Called